1. Is front-end development still a good career choice?

In short, yes. It’s a good career today and will be in the future.

Even with the exponential rise of the mobile native applications, web will always be the open standard and go to the place for finding information and connecting with people. Actually, that’s why there are mobile applications right now because the web is a unique and unified experience, people can easily understand different applications as a gateway to a place they know. (web, websites, databases, platforms…)

Even it’s almost 3 decades old, web and internet are relatively new for the masses and companies worldwide. Maybe this doesn’t seem like the situation, but it is and it’s already in “beta” stage, there is more to come. There is more to be done and every day new jobs and new companies emerge, in every place globally.

So, higher median income and more available jobs when compared to a common back-end developer job. I’d say yes… it’s still a good career choice. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to be solely a front-end developer.

2. Learn design.

If you’re not going to be building full, back-end support applications, then what will people be hiring you for? One of the answers is the quality of your designs. So, learn colour theory, typography, visual spacing, etc… so, you get real good at creating functional and visually appealing designs that blow people away. That’s what those who hire you will be expecting.

3. Learn JavaScript.

It’s the other major thing that you’ll get hired for… being a master of JavaScript. Also, the median income for a JavaScript Developer is $69,194. The number of available jobs is 36,102. So, a slightly higher median income and quite a few more jobs when compared to a front-end developer. What that tells you is there’s an emphasis on JavaScript when it comes to front-end development. Plus, a lot of developers hat it. So, if YOU learn… you have an instant advantage.


4. Transition to the full stack.

Never forget that while you CAN make a good living as a pure front-end developer… you can always make more and open yourself up to more opportunity by learning the full stack. So, once you learn front-end development if you want to grow and make even more, learn back-end development, as well.

Finally, one of the better courses out there for learning this is the Ultimate Web Designer and Developer Course by Brad Hussey. It not only teaches you the HTML, CSS and JavaScript (along with jQuery and Angular), it also has a full section on visual design… which is harder to find. So, you can learn all the coding stuff you need to learn, but also learn visual design.