Why should you upgrade to Salesforce Lightning?


Lightning is the recently upgraded user interface and component development element introduced by Salesforce.com.
Apart from being new, it is also the most demanded skills in Salesforce developers in the current industry situation.
Lightning is preferred nowadays because of it’s enhanced ease of usability and speed.

Here are some of the brief points to help you make aware why an upgrade to lightning is beneficial:

1) Most demanded skills in the Salesforce Developers by major MNCs.

2) Keep up with the lightning to stay updated with the field of Salesforce.

3) Developers with hands-on experience in lightning are compensated with higher amounts.

4) Lightning, not only for the sake of money, make things easier for developers as well.

5) More opportunities for the professionals on lightning.


In a nutshell, an upgrade to Salesforce Lightning is the right decision to enhance your career in the appropriate direction.

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Keeping in alignment with the industry needs AlmaMate has prepared a Lightning training program for the professionals of Salesforce to upgrade for better.

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