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5 Steps to Jump-Start Your Salesforce Career


Salesforce is a hot product and has created quite a stir in the technology industry. New customers are signing contracts every single day, and that means that more and more Salesforce Administrators, Developer and Consultants are needed.

Getting your Salesforce career started isn’t difficult, but it may take time. Salesforce has matured enough that companies are […]

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Digital Marketing is all about engaging customers and marketing through various digital technologies or mediums. Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to various and different promotional techniques deployed to reach customers via digital technologies. The whole ideation behind digital marketing can be a very crucial point in the overall communication […]

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What is the difference between Front-End and UI Developer?


There is a common misconception about UI developers and Front-End developers that they are basically doing the same job. I have heard it many times, and not just from the common folk, but also from people working in the IT industry. To settle the matter once and for all, I’ve decided to draw the line between these […]

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Is front-end development still a good career choice?


1. Is front-end development still a good career choice?

In short, yes. It’s a good career today and will be in the future.

Even with the exponential rise of the mobile native applications, web will always be the open standard and go to the place for finding information and connecting with people. Actually, that’s why there are […]

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What is Front-End Development?

What is Front-End Development?

The Front-end developer creates web-based applications. He is an expert in creating an interactive and user-centric web page. A front-end developer is responsible for all client-side software development including website security, code quality testing, cross-browser and device compatibility, performance, and scalability, among other things. Front-end developers need to be skilled not only […]

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E-book Salesforce

Starting a Career in Salesforce 

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Career in Salesforce

7 Reasons to make a Career in Salesforce


1.  Product from one of the best companies.

Salesforce is the product of salesforce.com, inc. an American cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco, California – one of the best companies in the world. Forbes Named Salesforce One of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for the Fifth Year in […]

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