AlmaMate also helps the IT industry address its requirements for highly competent resources at a short notice. The IT industry needs technical resources to fill its skill needs when it does not have the right resources to get trained. Also, there may not be time to train the resources as the business needs are critical. AlmaMate provides highly competent resources to help the companies tide over their immediate critical requirements. It also helps companies manage their overflow requirements for trained resources. This helps companies achieve better cost efficiency by making a part of their resource cost. AlmaMate can provide people either as permanent hires or on contractual basis.

Ready to Deploy Graduates

The IT industry also has pressure to reduce their project cost and create a flat pyramid team structure. Many companies accomplish this by inducting a large number of fresh graduates into the project team. These fresh graduates are not fully trained. This results in quality issues in the project deliveries. AlmaMate has a unique model that offers companies ‘Ready to Deploy’ fresh graduates. These graduates are thoroughly trained in specific technologies with focus on practical applicability of concepts. This enables them to get immediately deployed on projects. AlmaMate can provide these fresh graduates either on permanent placement or a contractual hires.

Niche Technology Skills – Oracle/PeopleSoft/Siebel

AlmaMate has very strong competency in Oracle/PeopleSoft and Siebel technologies. It is uniquely positioned to provide its customer resources in these technologies. AlmaMate can source and screen these resources and provide the right profiles to its customers.

Innovative Processes

AlmaMate has a very robust process in place and it takes end to end responsibility of sourcing and screening the right profiles for its customers. It has created innovative models in professional services wherein AlmaMate would also combine a training component along with sourcing to ensure that it provides the right fit of candidates for its customers. This is a unique value proposition from AlmaMate that cannot be provided by regular professional services organizations.