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About Us

About AlmaMate

AlmaMate is focused on helping with the digital transformation of companies. It has the tools, technology and processes to help its clients embrace digital technologies, automate their processes and analyze data to get a 360-degree view of their customers as well as a complete insight into their operations. The buyers have nowadays become very informed and aware as they have multiple sources of information. The buyer behavior and the buyer journey has completely changed. Digital technologies help organizations get a 360-degree view of their prospects and customers, understand their requirements and provide them great value proposition.

People are one of the most critical elements of any digital transformation initiative. People skill development is very critical for any organization that is embarking on the journey of digital transformation. People with right competencies in the right roles dramatically improve the performance of an organization. AlmaMate helps organizations with their workforce development initiatives. It provides technology training in digital skills and processes to upskill your workforce. It also provides the behavioral skills training to equip your workforce to deal with the challenges of disruptive technologies.

AlmaMate provides Salesforce training solutions to individual learners to up-skill and build their career in digital technologies. Our unique training methodology and learning platform ensures that the learners grasp the new technologies quickly.




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Why Choose AlmaMate?

Best Salesforce Training in Noida & Delhi NCR

Delivering Value to Clients

AlmaMate has a very strong outcome driven focus. It believes in consistently delivering value to its clients in all its engagements.

Integrity and Transparency

AlmaMate is a very ethical organization. It is very sincere in all its transactions.


AlmaMate believes in dealing fairly with its customers, employees and all other stakeholders.


AlmaMate delivers excellence in all its engagements. It is committed to the success of all its clients.

What We Do?

Digital Transformation

People Transformation

AlmaMate Info Tech - IT training company

Training Solutions

AlmaMate provides Consulting and Implementation Services on Salesforce –World’s #1 cloud computing platform to digitally transform your organization by integrating data across all your functions to get a 360-degree view of your customer’s journey.

AlmaMate has also launched innovative Hire, Train & Deploy model to help organizations address the talent shortage in digital skills. In this model, AlmaMate hires learners from adjacent skills and trains them in future skills.

Our specialised training solutions are aligned with the industry standards and it has been designed in keeping in view all the necessary inclusions. Best in industry learning solutions makes it easier for learners to grab the concepts with maximum practical exposure.


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