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About MERN Stack Development Course

Learn how to develop web applications with a MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js) course, which revolves around JavaScript technology. This comprehensive bundle encompasses four key technologies:


Things you will learn in the MERN Stack Training:

  • You’ll have the chance to receive top-notch MERN stack training with a guaranteed 100% placement opportunity.
  • It operates at a faster pace in comparison to other programming languages like PHP and ASP.NET.
  • The MERN Stack Course is structured around real-time projects, case studies, and hands-on practical learning that directly applies to real workplace scenarios.
  • The Best MERN Stack Course is accessible to individuals of all backgrounds, including recent graduates and experienced professionals.
Course Objectives of MERN Stack Developer Course

The MERN Full Stack Developer Course is designed to provide a deeper understanding of web technologies. It equips you with practical knowledge for real-world applications, whether it’s for industrial projects or web applications. Furthermore, this MERN Stack Development Course enhances your expertise, enabling you to create dynamic websites with confidence.

  • Our MERN Course will enable you to acquire the expertise to rapidly design, develop, test, and provide support for various applications, including desktop apps, custom apps, and mobile apps.
  • Through MERN Stack Training, you will gain the skills needed to conduct testing and maintenance activities for various web processes and procedures.
  • Enrolling in the Best MERN Stack Course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to design, implement, and develop significant web applications within a MERN stack development environment

By enrolling in the MERN Stack Course, you open doors to potential opportunities with prominent IT companies like Infosys, TCS, IBM, Amazon, or Cognizant. Additionally, this course equips you with the knowledge to make architectural decisions and create high-performance, scalable products through coding.

Salary Expectations for Freshers post completing the MERN Stack Developer Course:

The average post-completion salary of the MERN Full Stack Developer Course is determined by factors such as your skills, certification level, and experience. Upon finishing the MERN Stack Development Course, you will gain a comprehensive grasp of MERN terminology and concepts.

  • The MERN Course also delivers training that allows you to effectively utilize both theoretical and practical skills.
  • MERN stack developers typically earn an average annual salary ranging from 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs.
  • The MERN development industry is highly profitable, and you can expect an appealing salary boost.

After the completion of the MERN Stack Training, you will get the certification that will add benefit to your resume.

Carrer Growth after the MERN Stack Course

You will get attractive career growth after the completion of the Best MERN Stack Course.

  • With the growing demand for MERN stack developers, there’s an opportunity to collaborate with globally renowned industries.
  • Full-stack developers offer distinct advantages compared to partial web developers, leading to a high demand for their skills.
  • Salaries and future prospects are experiencing significant growth across various industries.
  • The job options are high in software industries.
Why is MERN Stack Course is so Populer

Let me elucidate why the MERN Full Stack Developer Course is gaining popularity and why it makes a compelling choice for your career. Here are some intriguing insights for you.

Why MERN Stack Development Course:

  • It is used for developing high-end web apps by almost every IT company.
  • It is user-friendly and helps to deliver high outputs
  • It has become popular in a short period and witnessed high-paying jobs.
  • This training course can be taken by anyone who wants to start a career web development space.

Why select the MERN Course as a career option:

  • The demand for building web apps and APIs is increasing day by day.
  • This technology is known for its high speed and amazing structure worldwide.
  • Many industries are using the MERN stack and have a high demand for these professionals.
  • It can also be used to design single-page apps or mobile apps from the scratch. So, the demand for people with these skill sets is increasing.
Job Roles and Responsibilities in MERN Stack Development:

Upon completing the MERN Stack Training, you can explore a variety of job roles and potentially secure positions in global and multinational companies worldwide. You will also acquire a robust understanding of web technologies and their practical application in real-world development projects.

  • Acquire knowledge of the web development environment and the ability to create dynamic websites.
  • Learn to design, develop, test, and provide support for desktop apps, custom apps, and mobile apps.
  • Gain proficiency in testing and maintaining various web processes and activities.
  • Develop the skills to design, implement, and create significant web applications within a MERN stack development framework.
  • Understand how to collect data from multiple sources using the Node.js backend management system.
Top Hiring Industries in MERN Stack Web Development:

Prominent companies such as Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, Vassar Labs, Nuclei, Report Garden, Accenture, Wipro, GALE Partners, Infosys, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Oracle, and Schlumberger are actively seeking professionals like you. Therefore, enrolling in the MERN Course could prove highly advantageous for your career.

  • There is a wealth of job prospects available for full-stack developers in the present day.
  • Salaries for full-stack developers are keeping pace with this growing demand.
  • Opting for our premier MERN Stack Course will open up more alluring career possibilities aligned with your skills and knowledge.
  • The MERN Stack Course is designed to furnish you with the essential skills and knowledge required for your desired job.
MERN Stack Development Course Certification:

Upon successfully completing the MERN Stack Developer Course, you will receive an official certification that validates your skills. This certification will also enhance your recognition among major corporate entities. Our MERN Stack Developer Course is structured to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve this recognition.

  • Our MERN Full Stack Developer Course is accepted in every part of the world.
  • You can get various attractive job offers.
  • You have the option to become a web development, project manager, educator, or entrepreneur after the completion of the certification.

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MERN Stack Developer Certification Training

Introduction to JavaScript Framework

  • History of JavaScript
  • What is ES6 (ECMAScript 6/JavaScript 6)
  • ES6 Module System
  • A Word on Bable
  • Block Scope, Let & Const
  • Template Literals
  • Arrow Functions
  • Spread and Rest Operators
  • Object Literal Improvements
  • De-structuring
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Static Properties and Methods
  • Promises
  • Iterators and Iterables
  • Generators
  • Modules
  • New Features in ES6
  • JavaScript let
  • JavaScript const
  • JavaScript Arrow Functions
  • JavaScript Classes
  • Default parameter values
  • Array.find()
  • Array.findIndex()
  • Exponentiation (**) (ECMA Script 2016)

Introduction of React.JS

  • Audience
  • Pre-requisites
  • About React
  • Features
  • Advantages
  • Limitations

Environment Setup

  • Create of Root Folder
  • Install Global Packages
  • Add Dependencies and Plugins
  • Create the Files
  • Set Compiler, Server and Loaders
  • html
  • JSX and Main.js
  • Running the Server


  • What is JSX
  • Using JSX
  • Nested Elements
  • Attributes
  • JavaScript Expressions
  • Styling
  • Components
  • Naming Convention


  • Stateless
  • State full


  • What is State
  • Props

Props Overview

  • Using Props
  • Default Props
  • State and Props

Props Validation

  • Validating Props

Component API

  • Set State
  • Force Update
  • Find DOM Node

Component Life Cycle

  • Lifecycle Methods


  • Simple
  • Complex


  • Simple
  • Child


  • What is Refs
  • Using Refs


  • What are Keys
  • Using Keys


  • Install a React Router
  • Add a Router
  • Create Components

Flux Concept

  • What is Flux
  • Flux Elements
  • Flux Props

Introduction of CSS

  • Audience
  • Pre-requisites
  • About Node
  • Execute Node
  • Features
  • Who use Node
  • Concepts
  • Where to use
  • Where not to use

Environment Setup

  • Text Editor
  • NodeJs Run Time
  • Download NodeJs
  • Installation
  • Executing

First Application

  • Creating a NodeJs Application
  • Make a request to NodeJs Server

REPL Terminal

  • What is REPL
  • Starting REPL
  • REPL Commands
  • Stopping REPL

Packager Manager (NPM)

  • Installing Modules using NPM
  • Global vs Local Installation
  • Using packages.json
  • Attributes of packages.json
  • Uninstalling Module
  • Updating Module
  • Searching Module
  • Create a Module

Call backs Concept

  • Using Props
  • Default Props
  • State and Props

Event Loop

  • Validating Props

Event Emitter

  • Set State
  • Force Update
  • Find DOM Node


  • Lifecycle Methods


  • Simple
  • Complex

File System

  • Simple
  • Child

Global Objects

  • What is Refs
  • Using Refs

Utility Modules

  • What is Keys
  • Using Keys

Web Modules

  • Install a React Router
  • Add a Router
  • Create Components

Express Framework

  • What is Flux
  • Flux Elements
  • Flux Props

Restful API

  • Install REDUX
  • Create Files and Folders
  • Actions
  • Reducers
  • Store
  • Root Component
  • Other Components

Scaling Application

  • Install React CSS Transitions Group
  • Add a CSS File
  • Appear Animation
  • Enter and Leave Animations


  • Connecting Node and MongoDB
  • Database Creation, Drop
  • Collection Operations
  • Documents Operations


  • Connecting Node and MongoDB
  • Database Creation, Drop
  • Collection Operations
  • Documents Operations


  • Node and MongoDB Application


Express.JS Basics

  • Introduction, Advantages
  • Environment Setup
  • Basic Application

Advanced Concepts of Express.JS

  • Request
  • Response
  • GET
  • POST
  • Routing
  • HTTP Methods
  • URL Building
  • Middleware

Call backs Concept

  • Using Props
  • Default Props
  • State and Props

Event Loop

  • Validating Props

Event Emitter

  • Set State
  • Force Update
  • Find DOM Node


  • Lifecycle Methods


  • Simple
  • Complex

File System

  • Simple
  • Child

Global Objects

  • What is Refs
  • Using Refs

Utility Modules

  • What is Keys
  • Using Keys

Web Modules

  • Install a React Router
  • Add a Router
  • Create Components

Express Framework

  • What is Flux
  • Flux Elements
  • Flux Props


MongoDB Basics

  • Introduction, Advantages
  • History, Features
  • No SQL Databases
  • Advantages over RDBMS

Environment Setup

  • Install MongoDB
  • MongoDB Shell
  • MongoDB Data Model
  • MongoDB Datatypes


  • Create Database
  • Drop Database


  • Create Collection
  • Drop Collection

CRUD Documents

  • Insert Documents
  • Update Documents
  • Delete Documents
  • Query Documents


  • Limit ()
  • Sort ()
  • Skip ()


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Muskan Jadwani
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Sanjeet Kumar
Sanjeet Kumar
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Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar
Almamate Salesforce Training is the best place for beginners like me. The trainers were very supportive and made sure I understood each topic. They provided practical exercises that helped me apply what I learned. I am now confident in my Salesforce abilities."
Najama Khatun
Najama Khatun
I am a beginner in Salesforce, and Almamate Salesforce Training was the perfect starting point for me. The trainers were patient and supportive, and they made sure I understood the concepts. Now, I feel ready to take my first steps in a Salesforce career.
Abhay kumar Dwivedi
Abhay kumar Dwivedi
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Sunita Dwivedi
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No prior experience is necessary, and you don’t need to come from an IT background. The MERN Stack course is open to individuals from any field or background.

Absolutely, all our training modules are regularly updated to align with international standards and specifications. Our primary goal is to ensure that students receive the most up-to-date knowledge and information.

The demand for MERN Stack certification is growing steadily, presenting the opportunity for attractive salary packages and making you a sought-after candidate for leading industries.

  • If you come from a non-IT background and seek to enhance your skills and knowledge,
  • If you are a professional aspiring to join high-income, top-tier companies,

Only basic computer operating knowledge is necessary, and even individuals without an IT background can successfully learn this course.

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