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AlmaMate offers the best Salesforce training in Pune. It is actually regarded as one of the best training institutes in Pune for Salesforce. We offer best-in-class SFDC development training not only in Pune but in pan India location. The Salesforce training provided by us is devised to make you ready to deploy.

Our Salesforce training is aligned with the industry standards and it has been designed in keeping in view all the necessary inclusions. AlmaMate ensures 100% placement assistance after successful completion of your training. If you are looking forward to making your career in the Information Technology domain then join the best Salesforce training in Pune.

Salesforce Training Institute in Pune:

The Program Helps:

Who Should Attend?

Salesforce is currently the best option in cloud computing technology. Salesforce in actual is a CRM (customer relationship management tool) which serves as the best business process integration tool. There is a high demand for Salesforce developers and administrators in the industry.

The people in the Salesforce industry or Salesforce professionals are highly paid individuals. There is a huge demand for Salesforce Developers in the market. Almost every Information Technology firm is hiring for Salesforce professionals, be it a start-up or an MNC.

Being regarded as the best Salesforce training institute in Pune, AlmaMate focuses on the overall development and grooming of the enrolled Salesforce trainees.

One can take the Salesforce development training in various modes some of which are mentioned below:

Salesforce Weekdays Training 48 days Info
Salesforce Weekend Training
Salesforce Online Training
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Placement Assistance
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Years Experience
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Students Placed

Salesforce Training is Weekdays is specially devised for the fresh graduates who want to learn Salesforce from scratch and for the professionals who are in different technology and are not in touch with the programming.

At weekends is majorly for working professionals in the technology field who are unable to attend regular training.

Through online is for those candidates who are located in different regions of India and cannot come down to our facility for the face to face training.

Training on weekdays is for 48 working days which comprises of 4hrs training every day. Whereas the duration of Salesforce training on the weekend is for 15 days comprising of 8 hours classes on Saturday and Sunday.

Thus, AlmaMate is aligned with the needs of the market and our course curriculum is a timely update to keep up with changing standards.

AlmaMate makes sure you get the best Salesforce training in Pune and Delhi-NCR. The training is totally a comprehensive training which covers all the modules that are necessary for an individual to learn as a fresher stage.

An individual covers various Salesforce modules during the training:

The Salesforce training is divided into multiple modules that cover all the fundamentals of the programming. These programming fundamentals are necessary for the Salesforce development part. After you complete your fundamentals of the programming, you begin with the further module of the training that is Salesforce app builder training which covers Salesforce admin training.

AlmaMate Salesforce Training Topic’s Bifurcation:

  • Salesforce Basics
  • Application Design and Overview of
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Validations
  • Managing Business Processes
  • Data Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Programming with APEX
  • DML Essentials
  • Use SOQL to Query Your Org’s Data
  • Use SOQL to Query ParentChild Relationships
  • Use SOSL
  • Trigger Essentials
  • Testing Essentials
  • Creating Visualforce Pages with Standard & Custom Controllers
  • Deployment
  • Integration & Introduction to Salesforce Platform Dev II
  • After every module during the Salesforce training, you undergo trainer supervised assessments which decide your performance in the training. Then your trainer shares the feedback and gives time to each individual accordingly based on their performance.

    AlmaMate Salesforce training is the best Salesforce training in Noida because along with your Salesforce skills we also work on the personality development of the candidate.

    Throughout the Salesforce training individuals go through scheduled personality development session. These sessions are focused to make you a placeable package by the end of the training.

    These sessions along with Salesforce training includes:

    • Aptitude
    • Reasoning
    • Quantitative Reasoning
    • Interview Communication
    • Personal Communication
    • Resume Making
    • Interview Handling

    These Salesforce Projects are assigned in align with you Salesforce training in order to dispense a practical training and hands-on Salesforce training to the candidates.

After the completion of your Salesforce Training, the candidates are required to appear for a mock test. This test is actually a mock interview to provide the candidates with a real-time interview scenario.

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Placed Students

Why AlmaMate is considered to be the best Salesforce training institutes in Pune?

These are some of the reasons why AlmaMate is considered to be providing the Salesforce training in Pune and in Delhi-NCR.

AlmaMate is associated with several Salesforce companies for the placement of our fresher Salesforce trained candidates. AlmaMate’s motto is to work for the betterment of our enrolled training candidates.

Don’t panic for your career and join the Salesforce training institute, AlmaMate and begin with successful career journey.

AlmaMate’s Salesforce Readiness:

The training curriculum followed by the AlmaMate is time to time updated with the necessary changes. Our partnership with the industry and Salesforce companies for placement makes it possible for AlmaMate to keep our Training in Pune to be updated with the upcoming changes.

AlmaMate has been regarded as most preferred Salesforce learning center in Pune. And our Salesforce Alumni have voted AlmaMate for this position. Our updated Salesforce curriculum makes it easier for the candidates to go for Salesforce certification as well.

Our training in Pune takes the candidates from scratch from all the Salesforce fundamentals of Salesforce CRM and then gradually moving towards the advanced topics of Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce is one of the topmost contenders in the CRM sector with its unique features for big giants as well as for start-ups. The world is moving towards Cloud computing due to its durability and excellent performance. Many people like you must have some questions regarding this widely known technology. Let’s discuss what is the current performance and future of (SFDC) in the coming years.

Placement Partners

Salesforce is regarded as one of the best career options in the world right now. Salesforce has now become a major technology globally. Salesforce is a cloud computing technology which has several cloud based products. The most popular of them is the Salesforce CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ).

Salesforce or is basically an American company having headquarters in California. Marc Benioff was the founder of Salesforce. Salesforce was founded in 1998.

AlmaMate is providing the best Salesforce training as it is the best Salesforce training institutes. Our Salesforce training is regarded as the best Salesforce online training during this covid situation. We already have a name in the market for the best Salesforce training which is classroom based as well. AlmaMate has the best Salesforce course in India which is supervised by the certified trainers. Our best Salesforce online training is a job oriented training program which is designed to make you interview ready in the final phase of the Salesforce training.

Salesforce online training / best Salesforce training at AlmaMate is designed in a way that anyone with a passion to upgrade or upskill can learn Salesforce. Our Salesforce training is aligned to the official Salesforce certification guide. The Salesforce training curriculum is aligned to the hiring needs of the industry. Our students learn Salesforce Crm with a practical approach as we have regular hands on after each topic. The online Salesforce training also includes projects after each module and regular assessment to make sure that the training is going in the right direction.

AlmaMate’s best Salesforce training/ Salesforce course has been developed over the last 8 years of dedicated experience. After the Salesforce CRM training we also provide assured placement assistance to our students. Our Students go through a practical & rigorous Salesforce training after which they are sent out for placements & job opportunities. AlmaMate has more than 30 Salesforce hiring partners who are constantly hiring for trained Salesforce developers, Salesforce administrator & Salesforce business analyst.

At AlmaMate you can get:

  • Master Salesforce Training
  • Salesforce Online Training
  • Salesforce Certification Training
  • Salesforce Admin Training
  • Salesforce App Builder Training
  • Salesforce Platform Developer Training /
  • Salesforce Developer training
  • Salesforce Lightning Training / lightning aura
  • Salesforce Complete Course
  • Salesforce Crm training
  • Salesforce Fundamentals Training
  • Salesforce Developer Training
  • Salesforce Development Training
  • Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Training
  • Salesforce Cloud Training
  • Salesforce Integration Training

But most of the people, especially those who are here for the first time, must be wondering what is Salesforce? Let us discuss in detail, what is Salesforce and is Salesforce a good career.

Without a doubt Salesforce CRM is one of the best career choices in the market. Because Salesforce is very hot technology and it has a global impact with huge demand for Salesforce trained resources. With right Salesforce Training one can lead a successful career in Salesforce. Thus, Salesforce is a good career with a bright future. Read our Salesforce Career guide:

There are several ways to learn Salesforce CRM. The most common is Salesforce trailhead from where you can start learning Salesforce. Trailhead has all the topics of Salesforce and anyone can start learning from there but if somebody stucks at some point then it becomes difficult to move ahead without help.

AlmaMate has designed the Salesforce course in such a way that it becomes easy for everybody to learn the technology without much problem. The Salesforce training contains practical sessions & projects to give students a complete working experience of a Salesforce professional. Salesforce project based learning is very helpful as it gives real-time like Salesforce learning and working experience. Our best Salesforce training content contains the respective trail-head topics for a smooth learning experience.

AlmaMate’s Salesforce online training is the best Salesforce training option for the people who are searching for best Salesforce training near me because Salesforce online training is not limited to the geographical boundaries.

AlmaMate has extensive experience in Salesforce Trainings. We have a specialised Salesforce vertical which is operational for the last 8 years to provide best Salesforce training or Salesforce course dedicatedly. With a motto of get skilled & get hired, AlmaMate has trained more than 10000 Salesforce professionals till date who are scattered across the globe.

Our Salesforce trainers have more than 10 years of training experience & these Salesforce trainers are Salesforce certified. These Salesforce trainers are working full-time with AlmaMate providing 24×7 support to the students. Our Salesforce trainers have been rated highly by the students who have done Salesforce training form AlmaMate.

AlmaMate Salesforce CRM Course covers all the topics in depth with full time access to the Salesforce online training content.

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